Monday, August 08, 2005

Waterskiing on the Tigris

This short article dates from 2003. It's a shame it's no longer available online as it was apparently accompanied by photos.

My Waterski Hol on Saddam River
by Philip Cardy, The Sun, September 22, 2003

Robert spotted some old speedboats in a disused marina and paid one owner £120 to take him and Texan pal Ryan Manelick, 30, out on Saturday.

The pair braved the perils of poisoning from sewage, unexploded bombs - and crackpot gunmen on the banks. Business consultant Robert, below, of Notting Hill, West London, said: "I'd done a spot of waterskiing but only off Dorset. We went for lunch by the Tigris and realised it was beautiful for waterskiing. [...]

Ryan, a US Army contractor said: "I know it was crazy but I thought, what the hell."

For Americans who might be unfamilliar with The Sun, it's a very popular British tabloid.

Update February 18, 2006. Also see Waterskiing on the Tigris pt 2

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