Tuesday, May 02, 2006

For Kids in Iraq

The family of Kirk von Ackermann are trying to put something together for kids in Iraq. I'm hoping visitors to the Missing Man might have some resources that would help make their dream into a reality. Follow the link to learn more.

Children in Iraq - I
April 30, 2006

[Kirk] was starting to talk to people he knew about setting up programs for the kids in Iraq and other areas ravaged by war and unrest. We talked a couple of times about the organizations that already existed, about the most important things to bring to these children, about the sort of resources that would be required. I still think that dream is important.

My family doesn't have the resources now to do anything really big, but we all agree that part of our healing process must include doing something if we possibly can, something for those kids.
If you haven't yet visited Missing in Iraq, it really is a must read. The blogger is Kirk von Ackermann's wife.

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