Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ryan Manelick - in his office

Two photos of Ryan Manelick in his Iraq office in September 2003. For readers unfamilliar with the background of Manelick, he was a contractor working for Ultra Services of Istanbul, Turkey. Ultra Services fulfilled logistics for the US Army in Iraq. Manelick was shot and killed on December 14, 2003. His colleague, Kirk von Ackermann, disappeared on October 9, 2003. The CID recently determined von Ackermann was killed that day.

According to data collected by Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, Manelick was the 18th contractor to die in Iraq. Today the number of contractors who have died while working in Iraq is over 550 (see ref below).

Ryan Manelick
Ryan Manelick. Photo courtesy of Robert Sinclair.

Ryan Manelick
Ryan Manelick. Photo courtesy of Robert Sinclair.

Civilian Drivers Feel Neglected After Working in Iraq
NPR, May 26, 2006, Morning Edition

Addendum: ABC News reported on September 27, 2006 that 643 contractors have been killed in Iraq according to data from the Department of Labor. The ABC News report includes video of a convoy under attack.

World News: Anatomy of an Ambush
with Brian Ross, ABC News, September 27, 2006

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