Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Obituary for Kirk von Ackermann

The Albuquerque Journal
January 14, 2007

VON ACKERMANN -- Kirk von Ackermann was killed October 9, 2003 while acting as a contractor in Iraq. Kirk served his country with distinction, first as a Russian linguist in the army, then as an intelligence officer in the air force. He earned numerous awards including Army, Air Force, and joint service commendation medals. Kirk was passionate about his family and devoted to them and to his many friends. He pursued many activities, and taught his children his personal philosophy: live life, don't watch it.



friend said...

live life dont watch it. man, would I like to live to see the day people in america follow his lead.

Rudolfo said...

To Kirks' devoted family & friends: I worked with Kirk in CA in the early 90s and now live on the east coast, I sincerely enjoyed working with him and talking about his military service and talking real politik with him. I happened up on this information and hope that you will find solace in the fact that he touched many lives.