Thursday, April 03, 2008

LSA Anaconda - Motor Pool

In my earlier post, The Bridge Theory, I introduced the hypothesis that Kirk von Ackermann set out to repair the bad tire on his Nissan Patrol SUV. Other than a local commercial enterprise, the logical place for him to seek help was a US military base, especially as he had worked in vehicle maintenance during his time in the US Army.

On the day he disappeared, von Ackermann attended a meeting at FOB Pacesetter near Balad. After his meeting, he could have dropped by the motor pool and spoken with one of the mechanics at Pacesetter. Another option was Camp Anaconda, less than 25 miles away. Camp Anaconda was the distribution point for parts and service for all wheeled US military vehicles in Iraq.

This post looks at the LSA Anaconda motor pool and the mechanics who keep everything moving for the US military.

Mechanics Keep Anaconda Running
Anaconda Times, August 6, 2006 pp 9-10

The Transportation Motor Pool is responsible for the heavy and light vehicles, said Lester Lewis a maintenance supervisor from Glen Cove, N.Y. This includes buses, forklifts, non-tactical vehicles, small power washers, and generators. Weekly maintenance dispatches are done on approximately 1,100 vehicles, Lewis said.
Tour of Motor Pool at LSA Anaconda, March 2004 by daysinadaze

Tire Warehouse - by abovethesnowline at
I can not verify "supply" is Anaconda but thought the image might be of use any way.

tire warehouse has nothing on me, i changed more tires than they ever will. this is supply, where we got them from. a set would last one month on a truck.

Motor Pool Gets Them Rolling Again
By Pfc. Leah R. Burton, June 2004
The staff of 19 Soldiers is capable of repairing anything that pulls into the bay, including Humvees, five-ton trucks and generators.

"The most satisfying part of this job is making sure that when a vehicle rolls in here deadlined, we do what we have to to get it up and running in the same day," Tatum said.
  • When and where did Kirk von Ackermann actually buy his vehicle?
  • Who dropped him off to pick it up?
  • Did that person follow him to his next destination to insure he arrived safely?
  • Did von Ackermann speak - by phone or in person - to any of the mechanics at FOB Pacesetter, Camp Anaconda, or at any of the other bases in the area?
  • Were any of the mechanics expecting von Ackermann but he never arrived?

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