Monday, August 04, 2008

Curse of the al Dulaimi Hotel - Pt I

Colin Freeman, the journalist who first broke the story of Kirk von Ackermann and Ryan Manelick, has a new book out on his experiences in Iraq. I understand it includes a section on their story.

Curse of the Al Dulaimi Hotel: And Other Half-truths from Baghdad
By Colin Freeman
Monday Books
July 2008

Publishers description:

Colin Freeman is a burnt-out newspaper hack, wasting his life hanging around outside the houses of minor celebrities. His job is soul-destroyingly pointless and his personal life isn't much better. His girlfriend wants commitment he can't give and the future looks bleak. So he jacks it all in and goes to Iraq – as Britain's most amateur war correspondent. Shacked up in a filthy $5 a night hotel, he finds a city – and a country – in turmoil. Half the people he meets are mad, drunk or fanatical (and armed to the teeth) and the other half are trying to rebuild their lives after George Bush's invasion. Against the odds, Freeman finds his feet as a reporter and reveals a slice of Iraq unlike any other and gets shot in the backside for his troubles.
Additional Reading

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