Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Back in December, I stumbled on an old interview with Ryan Manelick in a Swiss news article in which it was revealed that Ultra Services procured vehicles for the US Army.

Ryan Manelick, lui, a 30 ans. Il est Texan. Il n'a qu'un seul client, l'armée américaine qu'il approvisionne en unités sanitaires, électroménager, meubles, ordinateurs ou voitures d'Europe et des Etats-Unis.
If Manelick arranged the purchase of the Nissan Patrol SUV for Kirk von Ackermann, then I wonder if he's also the one who revealed to von Ackermann that the vehicle had a bad tire (exact problem unknown). Which would explain how investigators knew for certain that von Ackermann was aware of the problematic tire before setting out. It also explains why the investigators accepted the information at face value. 

The question in my mind is this: did Manelick offer any suggestions to von Ackermann as to how and/or where to repair that tire? Did any of the investigators think to ask Manelick?

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