Monday, January 18, 2010

Questions for John Dawkins

Seems like I am forever putting together lists of questions. Well, here's what I'd like to ask John Dawkins, one of the principals at Ultra Services back in 2003.

  1. How well did Safa Shukir speak and understand English? (Kirk von Ackermann was said to have called Shukir for help with a bad tire. When Shukir arrived, he was reported to have called Dawkins to tell him about finding von Ackermann's abandoned vehicle.)
  2. Likelihood of Dawkins traveling alone on the road between Kirkuk and Tikrit?
  3. What is Dawkins' version of the story of receiving warning shots when driving up to a military gate too quickly with Charles Phillips in the car?
  4. Where did the incident happen and when?
  5. Did Ryan Manelick help Kirk von Ackermann buy his vehicle?
  6. Where did von Ackermann pick the vehicle up from?
  7. What was the job offer that Dawkins made to von Ackermann?
  8. What was satellite service like at the time - how clear and fast were connections?
  9. How often did Ryan Manelick travel from Baghdad to Anaconda?
  10. Did Ultra Services have temporary 'field offices' on project sites in Iraq and if yes, where, and what were they like?

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