Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alan McMenemy of Scotland

IT consultant, Peter Moore, and his four security guards were abducted by insurgents dressed as Iraqi policemen from the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad in May of 2007. Remains of three body guards were returned to the UK. The last is still missing, Alan McMenemy of Glasgow, Scotland.

Baghdad hostage Peter Moore: kidnappers shot Britons as they tried to escape
By Colin Freeman, UK Telegraph, March 14, 2010

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Moore cast doubt on the widely-held theory that the Shia militant group which abducted the men had deliberately murdered them in order to step up pressure for a prisoner exchange.

Instead, he said he had been told that two of the guards - Jason Creswell and Jason Swindlehurst - were gunned down as they tried to flee a militant safe house where they were being held. A third, Alec MacLachlan, was killed after he tried to grab a gun that his captors left lying on a table, while the fourth, Alan McMenemy, died when his captors thought that security forces were preparing to raid their hide-out. They are thought to have shot Mr McMenemy in panic as they were about to flee, only to discover afterwards that the raid was a false alarm. Mr McMenemy is the only one of the four guards whose body has not been recovered, although the Foreign Office believes he too is dead.
For those unaware of the writer's significance to this blog, Colin Freeman was the journalist who first broke the story of the disappearance of contractor Kirk von Ackermann.

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Susie Dow said...

An article out at the AFP:

Iraq militants refuse to hand over Briton
By Ahmad al-Rubaye, AFP, July 9, 2011

A Shiite militant group in Iraq said on Saturday that it would not hand over a British bodyguard it abducted four years ago, in a statement worded to suggest Alan McMenemy remains alive. [...]

The Arabic-language statement was worded to suggest that McMenemy, 34, was still alive, although the British government has believed for some time that he was killed by his kidnappers.