Friday, July 09, 2010

Books - Iraq Hostages

By no means definitive, this is a list of books available in English of accounts of hostages held in Iraq. At this time, I have not included Rick Bragg's book, I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story. It didn't quite seem to fit.

This list will be updated as new material appears.

Escape In Iraq: The Thomas Hamill Story
By Thomas Hamill, Paul T. Brown, and Jay Langston, Stoeger Publishing Company, October 31, 2004
ISBN-13: 978-0883173145

Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story (Audio Book)
By Jill Carroll, The Christian Science Monitor, September 1, 2006

Friendly Fire: The Remarkable Story of a Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq, Rescued by an Italian Secret Service Agent, and Shot by U.S. Forces
By Giuliana Sgrena and Amy Goodman, Haymarket Books, October 1, 2006
ISBN-13: 978-1931859394

The Business of War: Workers, Warriors And Hostages in Occupied Iraq
By James A. Tyner, Ashgate Publishing, November 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0754647911

Hostage in Iraq
By Norman F. Kember, Lorimer Publisher, October 31, 2007
ISBN-13: 978-1550289992

American Hostage: A Memoir of a Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq and the Remarkable Battle to Win His Release
By Micah Garen and Marie-Helene Carleton, Simon & Schuster, November 9, 2007
ISBN-13: 978-1416586319

118 Days: Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq
By Tricia Gates Brown, DreamSeeker Books of Cascadia Publishing House, February 15, 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1931038614

Big Boy Rules: America's Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq
By Steve Fainaru, Da Capo Press, October 13, 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0306818387

Buried Alive: The True Story of Kidnapping, Captivity, and a Dramatic Rescue
By Roy Hallums, Thomas Nelson Publishers, January 12, 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1595551702

118 Days in Iraq and the Struggle for a World Without War
By James Loney, Knopf Canada, April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-307-39927-4 (0-307-39927-3)

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