Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bob Hamza - missing

Who is Bob Hamza?

In the sidebar of a recent Associated Press article, the deputy director for the Personnel Recovery Division, USAF Maj. Jimmy Smith, is shown holding a flyer of 3 missing Americans. The first sentence of the caption reads:

In this Jan. 7, 2011 photo, U.S. Air Force Maj. Jimmy Smith holds a flyer with the photos of missing persons Bob Hamza, left, Abbas Kareem Naama, center and U.S. Army reservist Ahmed Kousay al-Taie, right, in Baghdad, Iraq.
As both Tim Naama and Sgt. Ahmed Kousay al-Taie are Iraqi Americans, I am just going to assume Hamza must be one of the four Iraqi Americans thought to be missing in Iraq. There are two SIGACT reports that specifically identify missing Iraqi Americans: February 1, 2007 and March 3, 2007.

Beyond the sidebar, I can't find any additional information on Bob Hamza or when or how he disappeared.

Somebody out there must know who Bob Hamza is.


Search goes on for missing Americans in Iraq
By Kim Gamel, Associated Press, Washington Post, January 23, 2011

SIGACT Reports
December 17, 2010 - since updated

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