Friday, February 25, 2011

DBA Summary Reports at the Dept of Labor

New feature over at the Department of Labor - Defense Base Act Summary Reports. And for unknown reasons, Ultra Services is not listed, neither for the disappearance of Kirk von Ackermann nor the drive-by shooting deaths of Ryan Manelick nor his Iraqi driver. Three distinct casualties just don't exist in the Department of Labor records.

Department of Labor
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
Defense Base Act Summary Reports
DBA Reports by Employer
September 1, 2001 through December 31, 2010
Easy to assume it was a simple bureaucratic oversight. But here's the really strange part. A similar summary report was circulating among those who follow overseas contracting issues a few years back. And at that time, Ultra Services was included. Why did the Department of Labor decide to exclude Ultra Services?

Are any other casualties missing?

Defense Base Act/War Hazards Act Summary by Employer for Iraq
Department of Labor
As of 08/08/2006, page 7

Page 7
I first came across the 2006 Summary Report at the website for American Contractors in Iraq:

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