Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Old Photos

Looking back through some of my old notes and I came across some things that I don't believe I ever posted here.

Aerial photo of a portion of the Jabal Hamryn ridge. The road between Tikrit and Kirkuk crosses this ridge. Kirk von Ackermann described the area as the most dangerous section of road to drive on - his vehicle would later be discovered abandoned there. Unfortunately, I don't know where I found the photo nor which section of the ridge is shown. It looks like it might to the south of the Tikrit-Kirkuk road.

Next up is an article on the Balad Burn Pit - an unfortunately easy place to dispose of a dead body.

Engineers Operate Burn Pit in Balad
By Pfc Abel Trevino, 28th Public Affairs Detachment, Defend America, October 2004

I forgot about this one.

This is a satellite photo of a massive dust storm - 1300 miles wide - that hit the Gulf of Oman region on December 13, 2003, the day before Ryan Manelick was killed in a drive by shooting. The car used in the drive by was described as a 'nice white Landcruiser' in an email from John Dawkins to Greg Manelick. I've always wondered if Iraq - further to the north - was also hit by dust storms that day. And if so, what does a 'nice white' car say about Manelick's assailants.

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