Sunday, February 27, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Sojo Mail posts letters in response to the recent article linked* to a few days ago: Murder mystery in Iraq by David Batstone, Sojourner, February 17, 2005.

Sojo Mail
February 24, 2005

Letter 1

Your warm remembrance [of Kirk von Ackermann] reinforces what I experience every day when I read the obituaries in the paper or hear of death in the news - TV or otherwise. That is to say that even though I may not have a personal link with the deceased, someone did and does still, for which empathy is required of me, not just passing sympathy.


Arden C. Hander, Flourtown, Pennsylvania
Letter 2
With Michael Moore-ish manipulative flair, Batstone paints von Ackermann as a blue-blooded soccer dad who equally loves foreign children and hates American oppression of them. I do not repudiate Ackermann's virtue but Batstone's implication that powerful Americans hate and kill such saints and all they stand for.


Jacob Anderson, Baytown, Texas
*See Missing Man post, Sojourner, February 20, 2005.


Anonymous said...

where did you get all this? kirk von ackermann is my father and i really would like to know. i miss him a lot

Susie Dow said...

All of the articles and information posted here at the Missing Man were found using the search engine,

I started the blog to help people find information about your father and his colleague, Ryan Manelick.

There is an Introduction on the home page which explains why.

From the articles I have read about your father, he's a truly remarkable person.

Susie Dow said...

I should know better than to generalize...

Three articles were emailed to me. The Ultra Services website link was originally posted in a comment at my old blog.