Saturday, February 26, 2005


A short reference to Kirk von Ackermann was included in a recent radio program on NPR.

Hostage Families Face Tough Choices
by Libby Lewis, NPR, Morning Edition, February 7, 2005

Program Description: The State Department says as many as five American civilians could be hostages in Iraq. The U.S. government's policy is not to negotiate with hostage-takers -- or draw attention to them. Each of their families is left with a tough choice: keep a low profile and hope for the best or try to bring attention to their loved one's plight.


Other US citizens who are missing and have not been accounted for include Kirk von Ackermann. He's a contractor for the US Army who disappeared October 9th, 2003. The Army says it's actively investigating.
Transcripts are available for purchase or listen online.

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