Sunday, February 28, 2010

AFP - update on Issa Salomi

News is a bit slim but optimistic given the report of ongoing talks.

Iraq hopes kidnapped US translator to be freed 'soon'
AFP, February 28, 2010
Iraq is optimistic that a US translator kidnapped more than a month ago by a Shiite militant group will soon be freed, a national security adviser told AFP on Sunday.

Safa Hussein said a second American the militant group, the League of the Righteous, purports to be holding could also be released, but he admitted reports the hostage was dead could be true. [...]

Asked to give a time frame for Salomi's release, Hussein said he could not provide any details.

Hussein added the second American the League of the Righteous claims to hold, Sergeant Ahmed Qusai al-Taie, "will also be delivered" but again he did not say when.

Asked if Taie was dead, as has been reported in Iraqi media, Hussein replied: "We don't know for sure... There is no solid evidence. We don't have a proof of life, but we don't have anything to indicate that he is dead also."

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