Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Route Clemson

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The road between Tikrit and Kirkuk through the Jabal Hamrin mountain range was known to US military personnel as Alternative or Main Supply Route Clemson (ASR/MSR). Highway 1 headed south to Baghdad was apparently referred to as Route Tampa.

According to my handy dandy Dictionary of Military Terms taken from Joint Publications 1-01 & 1-02 of the US Department of Defense:
main supply route - The route or routes designated within an operational area upon which the bulk of traffic flows in support of military operations. (page 323 JP 1-02)
From what I can find online, at one point, there were at least three check points along MSR Clemson - one of which was little more than a mile or so from where Kirk von Ackermann's vehicle was found abandoned.

Just how busy was the supply route to Kirkuk in the fall of 2003?

Always questions.

Some References

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